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A Brilliant researcher of the fake history we have all been saddled with has made a fantastic series on the Flat Earth seen from the perspective of history. This video is only 7 minutes as an introduction to the 5 hour video which I will upload in parts so you can come back whenever you want. I had to watch it all because once it started it was so amazingly presented I could not stop watching.

He also did another series of videos about the possible resets of the past which again is very captivating and explains a lot of inconsistencies of the mainstream narrative of our past. It too is a much watch and I will try to upload those videos soon.

Not many people go from being raised as an orthodox Jew to becoming an international drug smuggler. Hank Cooper, a Canadian who grew up in Toronto, traveled that path. After becoming an adult (chronologically, at least), in the nineteen seventies and eighties, Hank lived anything but what his parents would have called a normal life during his twenties and early thirties. Maybe it had something to do with his orthodox Jewish upbringing, but then again it probably was a combination of a million other things, especially luck, which he discusses in his memoir, <a href="https://smugglingwithjesus.com/">Visit Smuggling with Jesus!</a>.

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