Smuggling With Jesus by Hank Cooper


Smuggling With Jesus is a book by Hank Cooper about his drug smuggling years in Pakistan, Thailand and Bolivia.

The book chronicles Cooper’s years as a drug smuggler in the 1970s and 1980s. He details his exploits, which included smuggling hashish from Pakistan to Thailand and cocaine from Bolivia to the United States. He also describes his interactions with the people he met during his years as a smuggler, including some of the most notorious drug lords of the time.

Smuggling With Jesus is an interesting read for anyone interested in the drug trade or in tales of adventure. Cooper’s stories are often humorous, and his observations about the people and places he encountered are often insightful.

Picture yourself and your buddy standing in a mountain top bazaar on the Peruvian side of the Bolivia Peru border crossing. There is a tall handsome cop from Argentina and the border guy from the control booth we just talked to as we crossed into the country. Strung over the shoulder of the border guard is an Air Canada cabin bag with 3 kilos of cocaine in it. They are heading right for us and about 10 seconds away now with smiles on their faces? What would you do? I’m freaking out and ready to bolt but my partner is calm as a cucumber and whispers to me out of the corner of his mouth. “Keep calm and don’t move an inch”! I don’t run away and wait for them to reach us!

This is an example of the fears I had to face on the road I took at an early age during the tumultuous hippie days! Brought up going to the Synagogue and large family holiday get together it’s not normal or expected to continually put yourself in the situations I found myself, in my opinion anyway.

Smuggling With Jesus is a book by Hank Cooper
Smuggling With Jesus is a book by Hank Cooper