BEWARE Of Willy Woo Fraudster!

The guy you see on TV analysis of Bitcoin from time to time known as Willy Woo is in fact a fraudster and possibly even criminal. Fuck him if he wants to sue me for saying so but he lured me to a site that is a criminal crypto scam site. Beware OF WILLY WOO!

Well we can always think maybe he was also duped and lost money. That’s a possibility I would say but the actions he took makes me think more of a scammer taking advantage of anyone he can to make himself some extra money is a standard way of hooking people.

He contacted me on Twitter, probably because I had a Bitcoin logo for avatar, and then asked to chat on Telegram. A big red flag if you ask me. He gave me a link to a Cathie Wood AARK Investment website to invest in mining as he said. Luckily I didn’t invest huge amounts he might have been expecting or hoping. Then the War started and the site was suspended as it was based in Ukraine or it’s servers anyway.

Will Woo then sent me a message 3 days after me posting a screenshot and say what happened. He answered that they will be back up by end of the day. The next time I checked to see if he messaged me and his account was deleted. I then went to Twitter and he has set his messages as private and nobody can message him now as I did before the scam.

Bottom line if you are contacted by this Willy Woo character you better tell him to get fucked and get off Twitter as well because scammers are not tolerated. I will be posting this all over the Internet as I think he deserves that!!! Thanks for reading and BEWARE!

Not many people go from being raised as an orthodox Jew to becoming an international drug smuggler. Hank Cooper, a Canadian who grew up in Toronto, traveled that path. After becoming an adult (chronologically, at least), in the nineteen seventies and eighties, Hank lived anything but what his parents would have called a normal life during his twenties and early thirties. Maybe it had something to do with his orthodox Jewish upbringing, but then again it probably was a combination of a million other things, especially luck, which he discusses in his memoir, <a href="">Visit Smuggling with Jesus!</a>.

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