FAA/Airline management Stonewalling Pilots About Uninterruptible Autopilot in 911 Airplanes

The following is my communications via email with Dan Hanley a former 777 pilot that was fired for asking about the uninterruptible autopilot in airplanes. You can follow his work on his website link below. Thanks very much and please share this info with friends and family.

Dear FAA Administrator Steven Dickson,
I am in receipt of the 11 minute video below detailing the illegal expulsion of Delta Airlines pilot Karlene Petitt and have instructed members of 9/11 Pilot Whistleblowers team to disseminate it far and wide as it contains very damning information pertaining to the suppression of airline pilot whistleblowers. 

As I mentioned in a previous email to you, I was illegally terminated from United Airlines in 2003 as a B-777 captain in an identical manner as Ms. Petitt with the same misdiagnosis of being bipolar only I was reporting safety issues pertaining to 9/11.

Another pilot, former Northwest Airlines DC-10 Captain Field McConnell, retired nine year early in 2006 due to the fact that the FAA, Northwest management, and ALPA were attempting to force him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation by Dr. James Elliott in LA for his reporting of illegal modifications on Boeing jet aircraft.  He had contacted me, I cautioned him of what happened to me, and he retired. 

We both lost $4-million in pay and pension.  Captain McConnell is the pilot who first informed me of the existence of the uninterruptible autopilot in 2007, which our organization alleges was employed on 9/11 to guide aircraft to their targets.

I am a previously stifled FAA 9/11 whistle blower who attempted to report safety issues during the time frame 2002-2003 and who is currently being stonewalled by the FAA Hotline Team and your office. Why?Our concern, since we know that the uninterruptible autopilot technology exists, is that this system was employed on 9/11 and that the US government and the mainstream media has been less than truthful in their testimony regarding the ability of the hijackers to have flown the aircraft that day. As a former B-757/767 pilot yourself, I am sure that you agree with our assessment. There are many other members of our team who do.

I know that you are a very busy man but the FAA Hotline Team continues with their stonewall efforts and since you have not, as yet, responded to my previous two emails, I will be phone-contacting your offices today to discuss these matters in hopes that you will talk to me.
I currently reside in Islamabad, Pakistan and may be reached at 92-300-555-0644 or on Skype at live:captaindanhanley.
Captain Dan Hanley Director – 9/11 Pilot Whistleblowers

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