Deep State Alien Invasion Project Blue Beam

Fake Alien Invasion – It Begins After Atmosphere Primed With Barium Strontium

Please watch all the videos on this website, or at least the ones that interest you. They are all must watch rare and banned videos that are intentionally hidden from the public. Bookmark this page and share it with your like minded friends and family to wake them up to the evil elite manipulating everything they can to deceive the masses. The more people awake will be better for all of us.

The elite billionaires are psychopathic evil scumbags that want us dead except for the morons that they have brainwashed beyond control and will believe the fake alien invasion when it is rolled out.

Not many people go from being raised as an orthodox Jew to becoming an international drug smuggler. Hank Cooper, a Canadian who grew up in Toronto, traveled that path. After becoming an adult (chronologically, at least), in the nineteen seventies and eighties, Hank lived anything but what his parents would have called a normal life during his twenties and early thirties. Maybe it had something to do with his orthodox Jewish upbringing, but then again it probably was a combination of a million other things, especially luck, which he discusses in his memoir, <a href="">Visit Smuggling with Jesus!</a>.

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