Elton John Sex Scandal Banned In UK

National Enquirer, Scottish Daily connect Elton John, David Furnish To Sick Sex Scandal

Due to a court order, newspapers in the UK are told not to print any of the sick details of Elton John and his Toronto so-called “Husband”.

At this point, the dailies are still limited to anonymous acronyms like “AB” and “CD” to report that a “well-known singer” had a threesome with another couple more than four years ago.

The tabloids, however, aren’t heeding the ban without a fight. The Daily Mail has run a multi-part series headlined “why the law is an ass,” while the Sun has vowed to continue fighting against the injunction this week.

The ruling, passed down by a court of appeal, decreed that newspapers couldn’t publish the story because the celeb in question expected the encounters to remain private.

The press wasn’t alone in protesting the decision. Free speech advocates and a number of British MPs have been outspoken in their criticism. In fact, the Telegraph reported Monday that one MP was planning to use parliamentary privilege to reveal the couple’s names until the politician was banned from doing so.

Still, Scotland’s Sunday Mail published that it was John and Furnish involved in the controversy, and the National Enquirer — with a front-page headline screaming “Elton John betrayed by cheating husband” — devoted three pages to documenting British businessman Daniel Laurence’s claim that he had three encounters with Furnish.

The Enquirer also reports that lawyers for John say he knew about the relationship.

Of course, the Enquirer spared no detail. According to Laurence’s account, Furnish had unprotected sex with him at least twice (an allegation John’s lawyers deny in the report) and Furnish joined Laurence and husband Pieter Van den Bergh in a Dec. 2011 threesome that involved cavorting in a kiddie pool filled with olive oil.

The Sun, though still obeying the ban, did suggestively publish pictures of a small plastic pool and a glass jar of olive oil.

John, 69, and Furnish, 53, have been together for 23 years. They have two sons aged 3 and 5.

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