Hank Cooper
Hank Cooper

Hank Cooper, the hero/narrator of Smuggling with Jesus, has never appeared on any list of billionaires. He probably never will. Unless he eventually makes it big in the bagel business, where he’s discovered that managing bagel bakeries is almost as hard work as dealing drugs. But he also will never need a writer to tell his story in the third person – Hank tells us in his own words what it was like to get innocently caught up in the drug trade, to have a wild ride while it lasted, and to enjoy middle age as a successful family man and businessman (even if his success in the latter will never make him a billionaire).

The Shocking TRUTH about Barack Hussein Obama And His Real FATHER AND Place Of Birth

When the original file was made available to the public on the White House website I downloaded the file and gave it to a forensic expert that I knew. He laughed as it appeared on his screen. He could see right away it was not a scanned image. It was definitely a built image. It …

Alex Jones Coast to Coast AM Art Bell Etc Are CIA Controlled Propaganda

Alex Jones Coast to Coast AM Art Bell Etc Are CIA Controlled Propaganda Think tank president who cooperates with CIA/State Department front groups Freedom House, the National Endowment for Democracy, the International Rescue Committee, George Soros’ Open Society Institute and various other groups in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South America. Persons who hardly show …