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Best Things In Life Should Be FREE!!

There are many different ways of getting important things in life for free, such as electricity, internet and cable TV for a few examples. Over the next few weeks and months I will attempt to post a different video and instructions for various methods and theories for getting the necessities of life that should be free for everyone and not made into huge companies to keep us working for them.

If you watched one of the other videos and are already aware that the amount of supposed “free” ISPs (internet service providers) out there on the web is nearly infinite. I have about a half dozen pages of resources and websites that provide a variety of ways to obtain actual free internet service on almost any device, at anytime anywhere in the world. Providing, of course, that your hardware will allow you to take advantage of theses methods.

Most of these are unlimited internet access providers. Some however, have repeating time restrictions, but are still free. Some have access numbers for only certain areas and some are for entirely different countries altogether. However, for most of them, you will need access to a land-line since they are all mostly dial-up services. But before you say “#$%! that!”…remember…they are free…

There are quite a few links here that will allow you to download dialers and access numbers directly from Pookyfish’s support servers which will provide you with immediate free internet access. A few also supply only access numbers that you have to dial-up with manually, meaning you “punch in” the numbers yourself into whatever dialer you are using on your computer. YouTube has instructional videos on how to use your computer modem as a dialer if this is all new to you.

Free wireless internet (not Wi-Fi)
Use a cell phone/PDA, USB cord or Blue Tooth to connect to your computer. You “Dial-up” through your PDA or wireless device. Or use your home phone line. (My Free Wireless ISP)

Dialer download for free unlimited internet forever
It’s unlimited and ad free. The access numbers are Seatle based. No Email or personal information is required.Username: guest

Free Dial Up Internet Service – High Speed ISP
Free dial-up access in the U.S.A. and Canada. Includes email, webmail, and instant messaging. Ad supported, monthly time Free Internet Dial-up, unlimited internet …limit of 10 hours. Local access numbers. (NetZero)

YouTube Hysterical Over Embezzlement Revelations

This is a video from an Internet Sensation who just reports the current events with a simple explanation. This is news that the Mainstream Media refuses to report as it destroys their narrative. You should subscribe to this woman and listen to what she has to say.
Published on Apr 6, 2017

YouTube has tried to hide me, at first to steal monetization.
Once I started reporting the news, as are many others, now YouTube is altering links to my videos, trying to push me down the “recommended” I went from 1 to 10, and so on, and they are hysterical because not only am I so credible, and know what they are doing, and have done my homework, they don’t want to fix it in the least.

After they got an email yesterday, detailing both criminal and civil allegations, they retaliated even more, and have refused to take down a copyright video, are trying to bully me over it, and continue to embezzle monetization by the thousands.

Last month, they gave me $100.00 per week on monetization, this month, they have only paid $30.00 for a week.

And they think they can steal money and withhold it, they cannot. They are a criminal globalist network, and they cannot do this to my channel or any others.

Shame on them, sickening to see what they have done, even to their own staff.