Private Chauffeur and Shuttle Service Cape Breton Island

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Private Luxury Shuttle Service

Private service for one or two people for long distance runs between Sydney area including North Sydney, Sydney Mines, Glace Bay, Donkin and all surrounding areas.

The normal taxi rate (at least from 2016, could have gone up or down since then) from the Sydney area to Halifax Downtown is $500 and $450 to the Airport. Booking in advance for my luxury leather appointed Impala LTZ will save you money off those fares. If your corporate budget is being eaten up by high taxi fees, maybe I can help lighten some of the load. Send me a message on the email below.

Please leave a message on my email address as that will get to me the quickest. We can then text each other from there to be exact with any directions costs, times etc. necessary.

Private Chauffeur and Shuttle Service Cape Breton Island 1

Email Hank for Advance Booking at

cape breton shuttle service

cape breton shuttle

Impala interior

impala rear

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