How DARPA, CIA Develop Vaccines To Alter Your DNA

This video is all about the Covid-19 bullshit Rockefeller 2010 Lockstep document and Bill Gates and his eugenics diabolical agenda. You will see video clips that in some cases have never been or rarely seen before such as Project Blue Beam which seems to be near rolling out stages.

Just because I funded Event 201 doesn’t mean I also funded the Plandemic?

You will also see a fascinating Military briefing from an ex CIA current NSA psyop agent talking about how tiny robot cells can be injected into bodies via a vaccine for example. This video was from 2010 and the technology must be exponentially better in 2020. I wouldn’t take a vaccine after seeing this.

There is so much info in this video you can skip ahead to different sections, I will try and time stamp the sections and post them here. Bookmark this for future reference.

This is on the Steemit blockchain for saving to future generations to look back and hopefully learn what happened for the globalists took over!

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