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Visit SiteWordpress Shopping Cart - WordPress Ecommerce - Market Theme"Market" is the premium WordPress e-commerce theme that lets you setup a great looking customized online store to sell your physical or affiliate products in just minutes. It connects easily to your Paypal account (or Authorize.net) for payment processing.

The Market Theme can easily be installed in just a couple of minutes. Upload it, activate, enter a few settings, and your online store is ready for you to begin adding products.

Market Theme has its own self-contained shopping cart system. This means that you won’t need the technical knowledge required for a typical ecommerce plugin integration.

Market gives you the ability to customize your store’s layout, color scheme, upload a store logo, add a header image, and much more. All through an administrative settings area.

Enjoy easy to use backend administration tools for managing products. To add products, just fill out a simple form with product info. (name, description, price, options, etc.)

As a store owner, you can upload up to 4 product images (one main and 3 supportive). Good images help sell products online, so this alone can increase your sales conversions.

Google loves WordPress websites, and Market Theme takes full advantage of that. Title tags, navigation structure, alt tags, and SEO friendly URLs ensure your product pages get spidered effectively and gain increased traffic.

Market offers five built-in languages to choose from (English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian), or create your own custom language file. Market’s structure lets you change any of the theme’s text by editing one file.

A dropdown box in the settings area allows you to choose from 24 different supported currencies for your store to sell in. (Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Krone, Yen, Pesos, & more)

An active and helpful support community to help you with problems, customization ideas or extended theme functionality.

Market theme customers will receive lifetime upgrades and support. As new versions are released, you can download them for free.

Another great feature of Market Theme, is that you can also use it as a good looking, and easy to use WordPress Product Catalog. This is perfect for those who don’t need ecommerce abilities, and just want a way to showcase product offerings in basic catalog format. A quick option change in the settings area can "Disable" the shopping cart altogether, allowing you to display your products in a visually appealing, and organized way.

Market theme is a great investment for any "small guy", that doesn’t want to pay 30 bucks a month to some e-commerce service site.

This store runs SO much more smoothly and 100x faster than the WP E-Commerce plugin. Glad to be a happy customer.

We looked at countless themes before we found Market Theme. Most of the others were super complicated. Market Theme was super easy to install and figure out. I think we had a few products added within the first hour.

I wish everything worked as well as Market Theme with as little effort on my part. It’s the perfect solution for the small online business! Thanks!

Market takes ecommerce to the next level with an easy to use, quick setup platform. Learn more or take the tour.

"Market" is the ecommerce theme for WordPress that takes the technical out of setting up a website storefront. In a matter of minutes you can be setup and selling products from your own online store.

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