What IS The True Shape Of The World?

When I look at the ocean at the end of my street here in Cape Breton, on a tiny little cove which was once a thriving illegal alcohol trade during the prohibition, I see for miles from east to west and straight out in front of me. Next stop is England across the water but I don’t see any curvature, and if anything it sure looks flat as a board.

flaat earth What IS The True Shape Of The World? 1 What IS The True Shape Of The World? 2That got me thinking about it more and around late 2014 a new conspiracy theory began to take shape and grow, almost out of nowhere. It was the Flat Earth Theory or Conspiracy, which is a stupid word and also was made up by the CIA in the late 60’s or early 70’s, look it up, it’s all verifiable info, as is everything I quote or say.



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Hank Cooper, the hero/narrator of Smuggling with Jesus, has never appeared on any list of billionaires. He probably never will. Unless he eventually makes it big in the bagel business, where he’s discovered that managing bagel bakeries is almost as hard work as dealing drugs. But he also will never need a writer to tell his story in the third person – Hank tells us in his own words what it was like to get innocently caught up in the drug trade, to have a wild ride while it lasted, and to enjoy middle age as a successful family man and businessman (even if his success in the latter will never make him a billionaire).

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