Mining Accelerator Tokens

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Mining Accelerator Tokens 1The most important part of the Accelerator network is its ability to mine ACC Tokens itself. Rewards are based on how long you hold on to the Accelerator Tokens after purchase and how many Accelerator Tokens you have in your ERC-20 Wallet, presumably MyEtherWallet secured by Meta Mask browser extension.

This methodology is known as proof-of-stake because you are staking the Accelerator Tokens by just holding on to them and being rewarded for that. It was kind of intimidating the first time, mainly because there isn’t much information when you Google how to mine ACC Tokens.

Luckily, here on Steemit, there is a wealth of information on a variety of ways to profit from this new technology. I am going over to Ether Delta to buy some more ACCs and I will update my progress and if it provides any profit or loss. Is it worth pursuing like Bitcoin was many years ago. So far I have mined Ethereum and have collected their minimum amount for withdrawal. And now I notice there are other coins to mine like Monero, Zcash and Litecoin.

So if you have tried and found it too complicated or couldn’t understand the Place Order section, please stay tuned because that’s what I want to understand more clearly because I think that’s where the money is on this platform. It’s very new and might just be the next big thing that people will gravitate to if the money is worth it.

You can sign up here to the Accelerator Network and see for yourself how it works.

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