Listen To Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Explain Truth About Israel And Zionism!!

Published on Jan 20, 2017

Listen To An Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Explain The Truth About Israel And Zionism!! This is especially for all you Jewish people out there in the world, like myself, who need to hear the truth of this country we call Israel.
And again especially if you Jewish people have ancestors that came from the Caucasus area, like Poland, Russia, Belarus need to find out more info on the Kazarian empire and the Kagans that ran it and why they picked Judiasm for the national religion. The Zionist dream is not really what you think it is.

I am actually almost finished my book and I expect to upload it to Amazon Kindle digital and print. It’s a pretty good story, definitely a one of a kind with one of a kind situations. It’s called Smuggling With Jesus. I’ll leave a link to the website which has a version of the Prologue and a story of my Uncle who invented Lipton’s Instant Cup of Soup and Real Instant Tea for Lipton’s. Full story is on a page of the site.
If you like the Prologue and want to get a notice when I put it on Amazon send me a message here or on the website comment area. Or if you have any questions about what you read or see on any of the videos I put up here please send a message and i will get back to you in good time.
I have been writing the book for probably more than a decade now. Somehow I got to 65 years old and even getting a pension. I’m only now getting grey hairs on the sides just now and can’t believe it held like that so long. I tried to finish it in my 50’s, got a good chunk done. Things started happening and I had to take some time away from it. But the past half year I got real close and my pension allows me to get it done once and for all.

Review of upcoming book in progress by Hank Cooper. Taken in the early 70’s during a decade of a wild lifestyle with very a strange person who seemed to be a reincarnation of a spiritual entity, and later died as such. A must read that should become a movie one day as well. To get a feel for it and see if you are interested in the final release please visit the website and read the Prologue, that’s all I have up for now, plus the side story of my Scientist Uncle Johnny. Thanks


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Hank Cooper, the hero/narrator of Smuggling with Jesus, has never appeared on any list of billionaires. He probably never will. Unless he eventually makes it big in the bagel business, where he’s discovered that managing bagel bakeries is almost as hard work as dealing drugs. But he also will never need a writer to tell his story in the third person – Hank tells us in his own words what it was like to get innocently caught up in the drug trade, to have a wild ride while it lasted, and to enjoy middle age as a successful family man and businessman (even if his success in the latter will never make him a billionaire).

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