Crypto Faucets Are Still Alive

I had a Coinpot account for more than a year and collected a good amount of Dash, Doge, BTC, BCH and LTC. But sadly they became unprofitable and had to make the decision to shut down the site along with the accompanying faucet sites.

I thought bitcoin faucets were dead, which they are in terms of Bitcoin anyway. That and most others like Dash and Litecoin I guess were not worth it but I found a reputable site dripping drops of ZEC, Doge and FLR, FLR being a new coin and not yet in full launch mode.

I will leave a link here to the site and you can click for ZEC and Doge once a day plus there are some monthly plans available as well. I am thinking of doing the $2.00 a month plan and see if it’s worth it, and will update in a few months with my thoughts. So far though I think any free crypto is a good thing because even small amounts now will surprise the hell out of you in a decade when the world is so communist like it will come in handy!

piperflare crypto faucet

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