I Think Ruth Badar Ginsburg I DEAD!

Death Records Found VIA searchquery.com, Now The Domain Is DOWN!!!! I found this video a few days ago ( I will embed it below) and the guy did a search query on a famous website named searchquery.com. It definetely showed READ MORE

The Shocking TRUTH about Barack Hussein Obama And His Real FATHER AND Place Of Birth

When the original file was made available to the public on the White House website I downloaded the file and gave it to a forensic expert that I knew. He laughed as it appeared on his screen. He could see READ MORE

WIKILEAKS EMAIL – #SPIRITCOOKING Proof That Podesta Is A Satan Worshipper

SPIRITCOOKING Proof That Podesta Is A Satan Worshipper [embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2mOGLu0h90[/embedyt]