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Visit SiteAisle-by-Aisle Grocery List Software, Grocery Coupon OrganizerFrugal Shoppers Rave about the amazing aisle-by-aisle grocery list program That helps you zip through the store and out the door.

► One study says the average U.S. consumer spends more than $10 on impulse buys every trip to the supermarket.

► Did you know that the average American family spends anywhere from $7,000 to $18,000 on food every year and a good part of that is spent in the grocery store? The average American family spends upwards of $80 a week on "impulse" purchases alone.

► According to, studies show that for each additional minute you spend in a grocery store past half an hour, you will likely spend between 50 cents and $1.

Starting a grocery shopping and delivery business? If your clients emailed you an aisle-by-aisle grocery list …

► Even if not a businesss, would this be a more convenient way of shopping for family members who are home-bound?

Let’s say you have a stack of coupons that you have cut out from the newspaper or have downloaded with your computer. Where are those coupons? How are they organized? How will you match them to items on your list? How will you know which ones to use at checkout?

This system matches coupons to items. It’s your automatic reminder at checkout, because right there on your list it tells you what coupons to use.

No. Once your list is ready, just print it for one store, and then print it again for another store. Now you have an aisle-by-aisle list for each store, different layouts, but the same items on the list.

First make your grocery list on any computer. Or your spouse can make the list. Then point your iPhone or Blackberry to a special link we will provide, and you can view the list in the palm of your hand. You can choose among many lists, any list that has been previously created. You can choose among many stores. Just select the store that you happen to be in, and the list will show aisle-by-aisle for that store, according to how you have personally customized the aisles.

The program follows a two-step process. First it asks, "In what category is the item (produce, meat, bread, etc.)?" Second it asks, "In what aisle is the category?" As you use the program, you can assign categories and aisles. So you have full control over your aisle-by-aisle list. The program uses starter templates to make it easy, and you can refine it as you go.

Yes. Once online you can invite another shopper to share a store with you. Then when one of you changes the store aisles online, the other shopper can see those changes.

Not only can you make a grocery list, but you can also make lists of lists. In other words, you can have weekly lists, monthly lists, and a stack of recipe lists. And the system remembers them all. They are right at your fingertips.

You can make your list online. Add your own custom comments to each item as you wish. For example, say what size or what brand to get. Then email your list to that person who will shop for you.

Yes. How much? Set your own goals. Once you put your own store aisles into the system so that you can print your own list aisle-by-aisle, then you can share that information with other shoppers by email, by personal website, or by local advertising. You can ask other shoppers to pay you directly for… Read more…


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