Medical Marijuana Growing Simplified

LED Grow Lights For The Beginner

I have grown for years when I lived in BC. The strain I was so lucky to get was called Juicy Fruit and I could swear it was the best tasting weed I ever smoked since the 1960s. I have always used the big bulky ballasts and MH, HPS HID lighting systems, which I think will produce the ultimate results. I base this opinion on the sheer fact that almost, if not all, Commercial growing operations are still using the aforementioned and have not changed to the LED grow lights.

After careful research and just before I began to tear my hair out and become depressed, I ordered a Mars II 700 watt LED light and one of their 5X% tents that say uses 1680D mylar as opposed to 600D. This is something rarely talked about and the quality of the tents can be just as important overall as the lighting, ventilation, nutrients etc. Once I evaluate the Mars and the so-called 700 watt light I will order more lights to add to the grow tent once the plants get larger and even more for the flower stage.

I have also read a lot about DIY LED systems you can build yourself. At first it sounded extrememly complicated, and it really is. You need to be almost an electrician to understand it all, but by now 2017 there are a few well built modular systems you can put together without worrying about the voltages and watts or basically blowing the light or blowing up your house.

chilled diy

The best system I found so far that i am trying first is the ChilLED company. You can check them out here. Everything I’ve seen about them with YouTube reviews and other blogs like 420magazine, rollitup and others show they look like the best solution for a beginner to intermediate grower.

They also have a parts page so when you’ve read everything you need to know and you think you can build one the parts can easily be had on their website.LED-Grow-Light-Control-PCB