YouTube Hysterical Over Embezzlement Revelations

This is a video from an Internet Sensation who just reports the current events with a simple explanation. This is news that the Mainstream Media refuses to report as it destroys their narrative. You should subscribe to this woman and listen to what she has to say.
Published on Apr 6, 2017

YouTube has tried to hide me, at first to steal monetization.
Once I started reporting the news, as are many others, now YouTube is altering links to my videos, trying to push me down the “recommended” I went from 1 to 10, and so on, and they are hysterical because not only am I so credible, and know what they are doing, and have done my homework, they don’t want to fix it in the least.

After they got an email yesterday, detailing both criminal and civil allegations, they retaliated even more, and have refused to take down a copyright video, are trying to bully me over it, and continue to embezzle monetization by the thousands.

Last month, they gave me $100.00 per week on monetization, this month, they have only paid $30.00 for a week.

And they think they can steal money and withhold it, they cannot. They are a criminal globalist network, and they cannot do this to my channel or any others.

Shame on them, sickening to see what they have done, even to their own staff.

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