Len Harris A Cape Breton Scum Of The Earth!

My cute little step-daughter Cheryl of over 20 years, the daughter of my wife Diane Cohen got herself in a pickle, as we used to say in the 50’s and 60’s. She hooked up with a man, or should I say a short little angry man who never smiled, hated everyone close to Cheryl, especially Jews, which her parents were.

You hear of this every day almost, a scummy man impregnates a woman and a beautiful baby comes out of the woman. In Cheryl’s case it was two babies in as many years. Francis came out first and then Asher the next year. She tricked him good, the shitty angry Jew hating little man, as the name Asher is the name of one of the lost tribes of Israel. If the moron had any brains and found out this fact he would have made her life more miserable than he already did.

I won’t go into details of how miserable he made her life, but we were not welcome at their house and when she finally had a girlfriend come from Toronto for a visit he made her so unwelcome with his evil looks and comments, that she flew back home that night as he made her feel like crap. All she could say to us was that he was a complete control freak and she was appalled at the living conditions of the kids and Cheryl!

Our dreams came true last Saturday, April 21st, 2018, the year of LUCK as 18 is the number of prosperity and good health in Judaism!

She came to our house and her mother went shopping with her and the kids. As usual she was a nervous wreck and went home early before he got mad and made her day shitty again.

But when she got there the little angry man wasn’t there. She decided right there and then that she would take the chance and put her plan in action! She left the kids strapped in their seats, ran into the house, where she had about twenty bags loaded with all her things she needed for the kids and her. The rest was slowly brought over to our house the preceding weeks in preparation for this nerve wracking day.

She loaded the van with all the bags, while baby Asher was probably saying “What doing Mummy, what doing?” Once the bags were in she brought out the two cats and one dog that were going to go to the vet until she found a safe house to live in later. She closed the doors and headed out of the driveway.

She noticed the side door wasn’t latched but she was already dripping in sweat and didn’t stop until well far away down the lonely country road she was enslaved in. There she got out, slammed the door shut and texted her mother that she was now on her way to the “Unnamed Shelter” where she and her kids would be safe.

My wife, Diane and I met her at the vet where she dropped off the animals and I followed her to the shelter. Once she was admitted, her and I went to a Travelodge Hotel and left the van there, called a towing company to come and collect the van to take it back to Len Harris the evil little angry man that kept her away from her friends and family while teaching the children to do the same when they grow up. Cheryl, not wanting any of that for her beautiful kids made her escape!

Later that night the little angry man texted her and happened to say he was home since 1 pm. Once knowing that he was home since 1 o’clock, we realized that when she made the right turn out of her driveway for the last time, he was coming from his work job from the left side of her driveway. If he got home at that time, Cheryl missed him by about five minute, maybe less!

That’s what you call LUCK!!

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