The Shocking TRUTH about Barack Hussein Obama And His Real FATHER AND Place Of Birth

When the original file was made available to the public on the White House website I downloaded the file and gave it to a forensic expert that I knew. He laughed as it appeared on his screen. He could see right away it was not a scanned image. It was definitely a built image. It had since been ‘flattened’. To flatten ties all the layers as an image is built and edited into a single operation. Obviously the original file had been tampered with. It was not a scanned document as presented to the world.

Alex Jones Coast to Coast AM Art Bell Etc Are CIA Controlled Propaganda

Alex Jones Coast to Coast AM Art Bell Etc Are CIA Controlled Propaganda

Think tank president who cooperates with CIA/State Department front groups Freedom House, the National Endowment for Democracy, the International Rescue Committee, George Soros’ Open Society Institute and various other groups in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South America.

Persons who hardly show up in think tanks, but nonetheless are allied to top Pentagon people: William Perry, Dov Zakheim and especially James Woolsey. Close to the CIA also, which is deeply involved in the high tech defense industry.

Glenn Beck Exposes the Federal Reserve On Fox TV Then Fired 1 Month Later!

I never liked Glenn Beck much, but it is quite a coincidence that he comes out with the real truth about the private Federal Reserve, and then loses his show on Fox News. Like Ron Paul always says, the Fed is the true facilitator of big government. They could never tax enough, or borrow enough to pay for the wars and corporate welfare without the printing press and world reserve currency status. Do your own research; read G. Edward Griffin’s classic “The Creature from Jekyll Island.” The creation of the Fed WAS A CONSPIRACY. No theorizing needed. Our forefathers fought since the founding to deny the bankers a monopoly over the control of currency and credit. We have fallen under the control of the banking establishment, and they have tied their fraudulent debt to the fiscal well being of America.

If you consider yourself a proponent of limited, Constitutional government, you have an obligation to fight the Federal Reserve. The neocon talkers like Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Ingraham, and even Savage will not explain the truth. While popular outrage is focused at the Fed, the neocons are trying RIGHT NOW to shift the focus to Chinese policy and their alleged (get this) currency manipulation! Ever heard of QE2?

Aired on March 25, 2011 – Fox News Channel’s “Glenn Beck”

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